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An "Engineer of aesthetics". A visual artist, master of architecture. Member of the Visual Artists’ Association Board. Member of the Goldsmith Form Craftsmen Association. An author contributing to the current world of fashion and aesthetics.

The work of Dorian Grabowski is governed by a clear and distinct system of aesthetics creation. It developed for the last 30 years thanks to learning and perfecting numerous innovative technologies in the area of metallurgy and electrical engineering for the purposes of creating jewelry.

Today Dorian Grabowski is the author of a one of its kind jewelry collection which consists of a great number of unique pieces, in which no single item is ever repeated.

Because the materials and technologies he uses are so varied and the final jewelry is hand made, every woman can be sure, that her bracelet, necklace or ring by the author are unique pieces – small, original works of art, which have no duplicates.

Dorian Grabowski is a genius of biomimetics, who through technical solutions and processes inspired by nature, has created galvanic crowns composed of layers of metals (primarily silver) and leaves, which - despite being made of metal – accurately reflect the extremely complex structure of natural tissue, even maintaining its openwork character.


Such a multitude of materials and methods of their application has not been previously recorded in the history of jewelry, which is why several works representative of the Creator may now be viewed in the collection of the National Museum.

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