Are you unable to find the right ring or earring design?

If you dream of jewelry based on your own design or an interesting pattern – contact us. Please send us the information, drawing or photograph of the proposed item. We will also require information regarding the type of metal and gemstones used to make the jewelry.

Please send the photographs or drawings at the address:

Our jewelry store and jeweler’s workshop are located by the main “Deptak Zdrojowy” promenade in Polanica-Zdrój.

We offer:

 - jewelry with diamonds

 - gold jewelry

 - silver jewelry

 - titanium jewelry

 - jewelry with pearls

 - jewelry with gemstones

 - artistic jewelry

 - original jewelry

We perform:

 - original, custom order jewelry

 - wedding rings

 - original engagement rings

 - professional repair and renovation of jewelry products

 - valuation and renovation of antiques

 - purchase of precious metals (gold, silver)

Art-Jewels Artystyczna Pracownia Jubilerska

ul. Zdrojowa 12, 57-320 Polanica-Zdrój