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The Art-Jewels brand is a guarantee of quality and the feeling of beauty close to the hearts of thousands of women. The values most important to us are the quality of offered products and satisfaction of our Customers. We consistently care for those values – always searching for the most beautiful jewelry, the purest gemstones and the best gifts for Your Loved Ones! In our rich offer – which includes gold jewelry, silver jewelry, artistic jewelry and originally crafted jewelry from the best Polish artists – you will find exclusive collections for those who value elegance and minimalism, as well as extravagance and individualism.


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Regardless of the craftsmanship style – our jewelry store offers jewelry which is always characterized by the highest quality and original design. We collaborate with the best jeweler’s workshops in Poland to offer you original and unique, hand made jewelry designs, featuring unique combinations of multi-colored gold and silver, titanium, leather, as well as items adorned with pearls, crystals and gemstones. All silver necklaces, silver rings, silver bracelets and silver earrings are made without hurry, with great care to details, often constituting unique, singular works of art. Our collections feature jewelry which is a result of the elaborate craftsmanship of many Polish artists. Every diamond engagement ring offered by our jewelry store is hand made using traditional jewelry craft methods, and its quality is guaranteed by a jeweler’s certificate. Also, gold earrings and gold rings have been carefully selected, so that you can be sure, that the jewelry offered by our store is unique and one of its kind.


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