Pielęgnuj blask biżuterii

Tend to the shine

The beauty of jewelry is subtle, delicate and fragile. However, following the appropriate guidelines you will be able to enjoy the shine of jewelry for a long time. The most effective treatment is the systematic cleaning of jewelry from dust and other staining. It is recommended to delicately polish jewelry products using a special jewelry care cloths. Do not clean jewelry by yourself, especially using chemical and polishing compounds. The most reliable way is to leave the jewelry to the professional care of a jeweler.


We encourage you to visit our brick and mortar store, where you will be able to order professional cleaning and renovation of jewelry. Professionally cleaned jewelry looks good as new!

Unikaj wody

Avoid water

Jewelry does not benefit from direct contact with water – from the tap, at a swimming pool or sea water. Water’s contents have a negative effect on the appearance of jewelry: it may lose its shine, become discolored or dull. Every type of jewelry should be taken off before bathing or performing any household chores.

Zabezpiecz przed chemią

Protect against chemicals

Detergents and chemicals used in the kitchen, bathroom, as well as cosmetics (hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes) may be the cause of discoloration of jewelry or the skin in the location of its contact with jewelry. Silver particularly strongly reacts to chemical compounds by changing color. Chemicals are especially harmful to natural gemstones, pearls and amber, making them dull, causing discoloration and stratification.

Przechowywuj starannie

Store carefully

It is extremely important to properly store jewelry. Gold and silver which is not worn daily should be wrapped in a soft cloth and sealed in a separate string bag. This will limit the access of air and the jewelry, preventing it from darkening and being at risk of damage, scratching or dust. When storing chains they must not be bent or coiled too tightly, as this may cause their permanent deformation or breakage. An excellent idea for the storage of jewelry are special chests and boxes offered by jewelry stores, but it is important to never use metal and glass ones! A very important thing to remember, is to provide a consistent storage temperature for jewelry – it cannot be too low or too high. Our jewelry chest should also be located away from any sources of moisture.

Chroń i szanuj

Protect and respect

Gemstones and pearls which adorn jewelry are especially susceptible to falling out, cracking and other damage caused as a result of random events. Jewelry must always be taken off before commencing household chores, going to sleep, before any sports activities, etc.

The advantage of jewelry made out of gold and silver using pressure die-casting technology, is its relatively low weight. However, it requires particular care during use, as such jewelry may be permanently dented or damaged as a result of impact or compression.

Always exercise care when wearing delicate chains. They may be broken or deformed when caught on a piece of clothing or during sleep.

Uważaj na delikatne powierzchnie

Be mindful of delicate surfaces

Avoid exposing the surface of jewelry finished using technologies such as borizing, glazing, gold plating, rhodium plating or patination – which form a thin outer layer on the product – to abrasion and rubbing, as their structure may become damaged


The rhodium layer, which white gold and silver jewelry is coated in, as well as gold plating on silver jewelry, may become worn during daily use. Jewelry with a sanding, glazing, borizing finish may in time become smoothened. Oxidized silver jewelry should not be subjected to cleaning baths or polishing, as this causes discoloration of dark surfaces.