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Lu Pin was born in Shanghai, but has been living in Poland since 1996. She is a graduate of the Shanghai Publishing and Printing Collage and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts - Sculpture Department. As she says about herself, she is a sculptor who hates idleness and makes jewelry in her free time. He likes to experiment, which is why he uses unusual materials in his works - fabulously colored silk, carbon fiber, but also silver, gold, sometimes amber, opal, rock crystal or brilliant.

The artist has participated in many international art symposia, exhibitions, biennials and workshops all over the world. She is also the author of the monuments to Frederic Chopin in Shanghai and Beijing. It is the tallest in the world, six meters high Fryderyk.

In 2007, she was honored with the Medal for Merit to Culture "Gloria Artis" by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland, and a year later with the diploma of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for outstanding services in the promotion of Poland in the world.


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